Golden Retriever breaks world record for most tennis balls in mouth is both amazing and funny


Records are meant to be broken, even for animals – and this golden retriever named Finley from Canandaigua, New York just did it, with his very special trick.

On 6 July 2003, a dog called Augie in Dallas managed to get five tennis balls in his mouth at one time and that record is about to be officially broken by Finley. The six-year-old pup taught himself the trick over time as he doesn’t want to give away any of the balls.

Finley is a six-year-old golden retriever from New York.

Credit: 9GAG

According to the owners, Cheri and Rob Molloy, Finley’s record isn’t official yet as the family needs to complete the paperwork and gather all the evidence needed to have it formally recognized.

Finley can easily scoop the first four tennis balls into his mouth but need to use his paws to push the fifth and sixth into place. Despite that, Finley is definitely doing it all by himself.

His mouth stretched all the way to fit the tennis balls.

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And hilariously turns him looking like this.

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Cheri and Rob Molloy’s daughter, Erin stated that she first noticed Finley’s talent when he was just about two years old. Finley started out by carrying four tennis balls when they were tossed to him.

Not long after, four tennis balls in a mouth become easy to him. So Finley would gather as many as he could to bring the tennis balls back and able to fit up to five and then six tennis balls in his mouth.

That’s all six tennis balls!

Credit: 9GAG

Look at how easily Finley fits the four tennis balls into his mouth.

Credit: 9GAG

We hope the record will officially be broken very soon, Finley!