NGO succeeds in turning seawater to clean water using solar panels, provide clean water supply to 35,000 people daily


Water is the most essential part of our lives and we’re lucky enough to have access to all the clean water that we use today. However, there are still people around the world that don’t have access to clean water as we do.

Realizing this, an NGO called GivePower started a project to provide clean water to these people by turning seawater into clean water using solar panels.

Since 2018, the NGO has started their work on building solar systems that can convert seawater into more drinkable water.

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The solar panel that they’re building was said to produce 50 kilowatts of energy and can produce clean water for 35,000 people, daily.

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According to GivePower, the quality of water produced by these solar panels they’re building is better than water from the desalination plants and has no adverse effects on the environment that are harmful to animals and plants.

Previously, it was said that 3,500 locals need at least an hour to reach the water source. This is because the only source of the water supply comes from a well, which the same source used by animals. This causes the source of the water supply to be polluted and contaminated, leading to the spread of E.coli outbreaks that can eventually kill the people.

But now they’re happy to have access to clean water!

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More people get to drink clean water, daily.

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Thanks to the solar panels installed by this NGO in more than 2,500 schools, companies, and emergency services in 17 countries, more people can now have access to clean water and GivePower’s aim to improve the health of the population and revitalizing the economy in areas affected by the drought will soon be achieved.

Their project does not only helps the environment but puts a smile on every face.

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Such an amazing effort!