Puppy cries for love and affection waiting for someone to adopt her


Being responsible humans means treating all living creatures fairly, especially pets because pets are dependent on the love and protection of humans for their sustenance. They can’t fend for themselves when left on their own, resulting in a low survival rate out in the streets.

Imagine being abandoned and thrown away, having to continue living without the ‘family’ they have known for a long time, away from the house they once lived in?

That’s what happens to 6.5 million pets each year in the United States, according to a report from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), about half of which are dogs.

Fortunately, 50% of the dogs have been adopted by other individuals who have given them a second chance at life. Unfortunately, the other half of them will be put to sleep every year.

This indicates that the neglect these poor animals experience brought an end to their lives. How completely unfair!

A few years ago, in Portales, New Mexico, the High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) shared a rather depressing picture. The photo shows a puppy abandoned by her family, only surviving on the mercy of the center’s volunteers.

This is a sad reality as puppies need more attention and affection growing up and it goes beyond what the staffs there can provide, as they have to tend to all the animals in the center, not just one.

We can clearly see the sadness she expresses, her eyes filled with tears but the emotional pain she has to endure is beyond our understanding. Looking at the images, it was evident that the puppy may well be under stress, not just sad over the sudden absence of her family.

The female puppy is seen standing in her cage while holding the iron cage, sadness clouding her face. It was heartbreaking to see her eyes as she looked directly at the camera.

Credit: Facebook/High Plains Humane Society

Interestingly, dogs do not have fluid that comes out of their eyes like human tears when they are in sadness. Instead, they can only make whimpering sound as if they’re in pain. So, the tears seen in the dog’s photo may be one of the symptoms of her health problems due to overdue neglect.

Eventually, all suffering has to come to an end. Her luck was at peak when her photo got the attention of animal lovers on the internet. Within just a few days, the rescue center was inundated with inquiries about the puppy. There were also many individuals who want to adopt her.

Good news for her, and the rest of us, the adorable dog has been adopted by a loving woman who is also her new ‘mother’. In a recent photo, the once sad dog looked cheerful standing and hugging her mother, having a good time bonding with her.

Hopefully she gets to savor the good life for the rest of her time. It’s what she deserves.