Taiwanese man gives away five thousands N95 masks for free during Covid-19 epidemic after he dreamed of a God asking him to do so


The pneumonia epidemic Covid-19 has spread rampantly not just in Wuhan, but countries worldwide. This phenomenon has triggered panic buying in all the major cities where groceries and medical supplies are being wiped out of the shelves in  matter of seconds. As a result, masks are out of stock globally as it is the most sought-after item on the list.

Recently, a restaurant owner in Taiwan, Mr. Lin, claimed that he dreamed of a Chinese God, “Wang Ye”, asking him to give away his supply of 5,000 N95 masks for free to help people in desperate need.

One day, he took a nap, and the Chinese God appeared in his dream and said, “Your masks should be cleaned up.”

Then he remembered the N95 masks he had bought years ago, which he had kept in the warehouse. He counted more than 5,000 of them, so he decided that it’s time he give back to the society and the right opportunity has presented itself upon him.

Everyone wonders why he has more than 5,000 masks when this mask is in short supply. It turned out that Lin took up a dust cleaning contract at Yunlin, Maixuan about 8 or 9 years ago. He stocked up on the N95 masks but later moved to Changhua. The remaining masks have been kept in the warehouse for a long time.

When the news spread out, someone was willing to buy all the masks for one hundred yuan each.  However, Lin decided to follow the Chinese God’s guidance, which is to give away the masks for free.

He sent 3,000 to the medical institution, leaving the remaining 2,000 in his warehouse to be given away to the locals. Each one is given away for free, and one person is limited to one.

On the morning of the event, there was a long queue of people waiting outside his warehouse. They were grateful for his generosity and wished him well.

Lin is also thankful to Wang Ye, the Chinese God for giving him a chance to do a good deed. He said that he was glad he gave the masks away for free though he could have easily made a fortune out of it.