After sleeping under a microfiber blanket, dog hilariously got static fur that stretched in all directions


Just like us, dogs love to keep themselves warm and snuggle under the blanket. However, this one dog put a laugh on its owner’s face after using one special blanket.

Recently, a woman in Seattle, USA shared several photos of her Cocker Spaniel Dachshund Spitz named Betty on the social media account and it was hilarious. In the photo, the pet owner showed how her dog was playing with the microfiber blanket and rubbing its body on it.

Betty loves to snuggle under the blanket.

Credit: Instagram

Immersed in the soft and fluffy microfiber blanket, the dog was later seen feeling quite sleepy and slowly falling into sleep as its eyes getting heavy. After falling asleep in the microfiber blanket for quite some time, the dog woke up in a totally different form – and we can’t help to laugh.

While sleeping, static electricity was generated from the dog’s entire body and turned its fur looking like it was blown by a powerful wind. The owner can’t help to notice that the dog’s fur stretched in all directions in a way she has never seen before.

It was chaos!

Credit: Instagram

That was when she decided to take photos of her funny dog and posted them on an Instagram account dedicated to Betty.

She also made a funny comparison of her dog that looks like this one amazing headpiece worn by Beyonce.

Credit: Instagram

If you can’t get enough of Betty, be sure to follow this cute little ball of fur on Instagram.