Woman refused to leave Wuhan because she can’t imagine leaving her cat alone


Most of us are already aware that Wuhan is turning into some kind of ghost city after the outbreak of COVID-19 as nobody is allowed to leave or get into the city. While some people rushed to leave the city for their safety, this one woman chose to stay.

The 21-year-old Canadian, Kristina Shramko moved to China eight months ago with her boyfriend and currently living in Wuhan. When the city experience COVID-19’s outbreak, Shramko’s boyfriend was out for a business trip and can’t get back into the city.

Without her boyfriend around, Shramko is alone with her cat, Kitya as her loyal companion.

Credit: YouTube

One day, Shramko was given a chance to leave the city before everything gets out of hand. However, Shramko chose not to leave the dangerous city and risk her own health because of one simple reason – she doesn’t want to leave her cat, Kitya, alone.

Last 23 January, the quarantine process was made in the city and Shramko can go back to her country with the airplane. Unfortunately, her cat Kitya was not allowed in the fight. Unable to imagine how can she leave her cat behind, Shramko decided that she will not get on the flight as well and stay with her furry best friend.

If Kitya can’t come with her, she doesn’t want to go back either.

Credit: Instagram

“I will not go back. I can’t leave my cat alone,” said Shramko.

Credit: Instagram

Shramko is now staying with her cat in Wuhan and making videos on YouTube to share her experience living in the isolation city. She also hopes that the government will allow pets in flight in the future.