New study reveals more than 3000 reported cases of medical staffs infected with Covid-19


Working in the medical line is like walking on a tight rope, considering the many risk that comes with dealing with human lives. Any mishaps would cost serious consequences or worst, end a life. Though, what many of us fail to realize is that it’s not just the patients’ life at risk, but also the medical staffs’.

A recent study published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found a staggering number of Covid-19 infection among the front line medical staffs. As of February 11, more than 3000 cases involving medics were confirmed.

Credit: Unsplash (Image for illustration purpose only)

“Among the 422 medical institutions providing diagnosis and treatment services for patients with new coronary pneumonia (covid-19), a total of 3,019 medical staff were infected with the new coronavirus,” the study reports.

The cases included clinically diagnosed cases, suspected cases, confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections. There are chances that some of these cases might be caused by non-occupational exposure.

The CDC gathered data involving more than 72,000 patients of both suspected and confirmed cases. Besides revealing the jeopardy these medical staff face working in the disease outbreak centers and hospitals, the research also highlighted that the severity of infection for Covid-19 is much more higher compared to SARS and MERS than  speculated initially.

One main reason for the exposure is the extreme shortage of protective gears, especially gloves and coats. Doctors and nurses are required to treat a larger number of infected patients in a shorter time as the number of new cases keep adding on every passing day, resulting in lack of time and source to be fully prepared before tending to them.

The study, published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology additionally stated that despite the alarming numbers, there are no possibilities of a “super spreader” incident having occurred in any of the medical institutions including Wuhan and Hubei province.