27-year-old gamer buying Ford Mustang in his slippers proves that gaming can make serious money


Gaming has no future is really a thing from the past. You might have heard people earning millions with YouTube nowadays and the same goes for gaming. In contrary to what most people believe, you can actually make serious money in gaming, just like this Malaysian gamer.

Faris Zakaria which was widely known as Soloz, is a succesful Malaysian eSports athlete. He has been representing his country in various competitions around the globe and just recently purchased his own Ford Mustang GT500.

Meet the 27-year-old Malaysian eSports athlete, Soloz.

Credit: Elite Readers

Besides participating in mobile gaming competitions, Soloz also streamed his PUBG and Mobile Legends gameplays online. Recently, Soloz’s eSports team, Team Bosskur participated in the SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines and won Bronze in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang category.

Soloz and his team, Team Bosskur.

Credit: Instagram

Soloz’s story went viral on social media earlier this month when he shared that he had purchased a Ford Mustang from a car showroom in Bangsar with his hard-earned money as an eSports athlete. Soloz visited the showroom in his flip flops to check out his future sweet ride on January 28th and officially bought the red Ford Mustang GT500 a week later.

This is when he visited the showroom to check out the car.

Credit: Instagram

And he came back a week later to purchase it.

Credit: Instagram

Often being praised for being down to earth, Soloz uploaded the picture of his new car on Instagram to share his happiness with his fan. Soloz definitely proves to all that people can make money in gaming and buy anything they want if they’re serious about it.

So, if your children love to play games and good at it, maybe you should give them extra support and one day they’ll buy their own Mustang too!