Man fakes a ‘coronavirus seizure’ in his prank on crowded train, faces five years in prison


Jokes have their limit and clearly there are certain jokes that are off-limits considering its sensitivity to certain times or people. Thanks to his insensitive joke, a prankster faces five years in prison for sparking panic with fake ‘coronavirus seizure’.

The Russian man named Karomatullo Dzhaborov first seen walking like he’s out of energy before he suddenly pretended to collapse from coronavirus on a crowded Moscow underground train. He was filmed falling down and appeared to suffer a seizure right after.

Dzhaborov pretended to be sick to start his prank.

Credit: YouTube

When he faked his collapsed in front of the passengers, few of them actually kind enough to rush to his side and try to help the prankster. However, there were suddenly two voices believed to be Dzhaborov’s accomplices suddenly began shouting about coronavirus and Dzhaborov began twitching.

Some of the passengers try to help him without knowing that it’s a prank.

Credit: YouTube

The passengers get very panic and scramble to escape the carriage, staying as far as they can from Dzhaborov. This off-limit prank granted Dzhaborov an arrest warrant issued by the police and he was detained on suspicion of criminal hooliganism – which carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail and a fine of 500,000 rubles (USD 7863).

The passengers stayed away from Dzhaborov after voices shouted about coronavirus.

Credit: YouTube

Dzhaborov’s lawyer, Aleksey Popov said his client handed himself over to police after the warrant was issued and never expected that the situation will get out of hand. Popov also claimed that Dzhaborov’s prank was simply to raise awareness of the coronavirus situation.

“He has a bunch of videos on different topics that are important for our society. His goal was to turn people’s attention to the fact that people need to wear masks and protect themselves from a dangerous virus,” claimed Popov.

The coronavirus has now spread to more than 20 countries and affected more than 43,000 people around the world.  Currently, there have been two confirmed cases of the virus in Russia and 144 people quarantined in a camp in Siberia.

Make sure to always take precautions and observe your cleanliness wherever you go to avoid the spreading of any virus.

Watch the video of the insensitive prank here: