Elderly man accused of road safety violation found to be taking care of handicapped son with cancer, judge applauded for the way he handled the case


A 96-year-old father was recently brought to the court in Rhode Island after he was found to have disobeyed road safety. He was said to be driving over speed limit nearby a school area.

Credit: Facebook/James Rhode

His case was handled by judge Frank Caprio, who was known for his compassion and emphatic nature when on duty. On the day of the hearing, the accused was seated down in front of the judge where they started off exchanging pleasantries.

“Mr Coella, you are charged for school zone violation, which means you were exceeding the speed limit in a school zone,” explained 83-year-old Frank.

“I don’t drive that fast, Judge. I’m 96 years old and I drive slowly. I only drive when I have to,” explained the worried father, Victor Coella.

Judge Frank was quite unsure of what Mr Coella was explaining so he listened close to what he had to say next.

Credit: Facebook/James Rhode

“I was going to the blood work for my boy. He’s handicapped,” explained Mr Coella, his face turning red and tears welled up in his eyes.

“You were taking your son to the doctor’s office? ,” inquired Judge Frank to make sure he understood what Mr Coella was saying.

“Yeah, I take him for blood work every two week ’cause he’s got cancer,” Mr Coella elaborated, getting extremely emotional as he speaks.

Judge Frank takes a brief moment before he continued.

“You are a good man. You really are what America is all about. Here you are in your 90s and you’re still taking care of your family. That’s a wonderful thing for you.”

Mr Coella couldn’t contain his tears anymore. He was utterly touched by Judge Frank’s emphatic words.

“Well, how is your son? ” Judge Frank asked Mr Coella.

The elderly father replied that his son was 63, and completely broke down in tears. It was a devastating sight to watch, even people in the court were tearing listening to his story.

Credit: Facebook/James Rhode

“Listen sir, I wish you all the best. I wish the best for your son and I wish you good health. Your case is dismissed. Good luck to you and god bless you,” Judge Frank ended the trial with those words.

Mr Coella’s face was filled with gratitude as he nodded and listened attentively.

Clearly Judge Frank’s decision is sound and valid, considering the background of the accused, an aged father who takes care of a disabled, sick child.

The video of the trial was shared on social media and received praises and attention. They applauded Judge Frank’s compassion and hoped Mr Coella’s circumstance will improve for the better.