Mother dog sheds tears of gratitude when stranger gives food for her and her puppies


A mother nurturing her children with love and affection is definitely one of the purest acts in the world. These feelings, being universal, can be seen not just among humans,but also animals, especially dogs.

Dogs are widely known for their loyal and friendly nature. They are playful and loving. However, when a dog becomes a mother, their behavior takes a complete 360 turn. Their only concern is the wellbeing of their puppies.

Their maternal instincts makes them highly protective of their children. When they sense the safety of their puppies is threatened, they will quickly become aggressive, even to their owners and people they know.

It was an awfully bad weather when a man was waiting for bus and came across a mother dog and her puppies. He initially wanted to leave his house when it was pouring down heavily. Then, he saw the dog.

She was facing a wall, using her whole body as a shield to protect her puppies from being drenched in the rain. Evidently, the mother dog was shivering in the cold weather, but she chose to tend to her puppies first and foremost.

Witnessing this act of selfless love, the man was very touched and he decided to buy something for the dog and her puppies to eat.

He returned with a piece of meat and tried approaching her, fully aware of the possibility of the dog turning aggressive.

The dog turned to her back and stared at the food for a moment, as if she was contemplating whether she should trust the stranger or not.

After a while, she decided to take the food, her eyes seeming inadvertently glazed with tears, which later streamed down her cheeks.

Taken aback at the sight, the man posted the story of sadness and gratitude on social media, which left many touched and saddened. Netizens commented that the dog and her puppies should be provided with a proper shelter and food and constant attention.

In reply to this, the man wrote that he did try to bring them back home but the mother did not want to leave the place. Probably she’s still too wary of trusting humans or did not want to leave a familiar place for one that might pose danger to her children and her.

God bless the man, and god bless the dog. She’s definitely a wonderful mother who would do anything to protect her puppies.