These 10 cats are quite unlike the rest of their species. Special or strange? The decision is yours.


Cats are adored by many. They are one of the most sought after pets all over the world, mainly due to their adorable features and their quirky antics. Cats are also deemed to be good companions. Once they are attached to their owners, they can be very cuddly and comforting. 

Besides having affectionate personality, they come in many unique colors and shapes which also draws peoples’ attraction towards them. In some cases, it’s their colors and patterns that make them stand out from the rest rather than their behavior.

It’s also easier to name them according to their fur. Orange cats are commonly named Ginger or Garfield, the ones with stripes are called Simba or Tigger, and white cats are named Snowy or Cotton. While these types of felines are more abundantly present, there are a few extremely rare-looking cats out there.

Here are ten unique felines that will make you go ‘awwwww’ and ‘ooooohhhh’ and ‘wowwwwww’ all at once.

Look at this double-wondered cat. Not only does he have heterochromatic eyes, his face is two-toned in a perfect symmetry. Double the colors, double the fun! 

This fluffball made us fall in love with  not just one but two hearts. One around his mouth, one on his body. Such a charmer!

A panda? A raccoon? The Zorro? The possibilities are endless.

He got his own back, literally.

Rain or shine. this cat will be judging you with his expressive eyebrows. 

Make way for Captain Snowy, arrrrrrrr! Perfect eye-patch mate.

What a dapper! The white mustache goes so well with the fluffed up beard, good sir!

Champion in the house yo! Look at the number ‘1’ on his nose, he was born to win.

” I have two eyes. And another two eyes on top of the two eyes. That’s four eyes. Yes, I’m good at maths. Also I love treats.”

Middle-parted hair never goes out of style. Classy choice, gentleman!