Warning by police: Leaving water bottle in your car may cause serious accident


As drivers or passengers, we tend to bring in food and drinks into cars all the time. It’s common and we see no harm in doing that. However, little did we know that water bottles that we bring into the car might be the cause of serious car accident one day.

It sounds like an exaggeration, but this is, unfortunately, the truth all of us should really be aware of. In a recent post shared by the Facebook page of the police headquarters, Polis Daerah Pendang of Malaysia, they shared how a family lost their lives because the mother was unable to press on the car brake due to her child’s water bottle rolled and stuck under the brake pedal.

The water bottle rolled and stuck under the brake pedal.

Credit: Facebook

The post reminded everyone to be aware of their safety while inside the car. According to the post, many cars have cup holders for water bottles or canned drinks regardless of the car model, but sometimes there were those with none – and this is when you should be very careful.

Make sure to avoid placing water bottles randomly and let the bottles rolling around in the car to avoid accidents. This is because when the water bottle stuck under your brake pedal without you realizing, it will too late when you realize it later. When the bottle stuck under the brake pedal, you will have a very hard time pressing the brake no matter how much strength you put on.

“Even if you press the brake pedal very hard while the water bottle stuck down there, you have already delayed the time you actually get to step on the brake to slow down or stop the car. And accidents can happen in matter of seconds,” wrote the post.

An accident can happen in just a few seconds.

Credit: Wikimedia

Hence, it is extremely important that we make good use of the existing cup holder we have in our cars. If the car we’re using does not have any built-in cup holder, we should install one or pay extra attention to where we place our bottles and cans so that it will not roll around inside the car and affect the driving process later on.

Besides water bottles, everyone should also be aware of coins, hair clips, nail clippers or some other things that we tend to overlook while in the car. Do not place everything nonchalantly and make sure to remember your loved ones while driving.

Safety first!