Hero stray dog protects 5 newborn kittens from extreme cold weather on the street


A passerby was en route a rural path in Catham, Ontario in Canada when she spotted a furry animal crouched in a ditch on the curb of a road. Curious, she got down and approached the animal, afraid that it might be in pain.

It turned out that it was a dog, protecting 5 newborn kittens from the harsh winter.

She quickly contacted Pet and Wildlife Rescue, an animal rescue shelter and the animals were timely brought into the center. The kittens were found curled up tight on one another, though the dog didn’t seem to be much affected. They were screened for injuries and given treatment before put under thorough care.

According to Myriam Armstrong, a spokesperson for the rescue, the female dog was blanketed in snow as the weather was a freezing -3 degrees Celcius / 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit and it was really dark where she was found. In her embrace, were 5 little black kittens sleeping soundly in the comfort of her warmth. She must have been guarding them for quite some time before someone noticed her.

The mongrel was named Serenity by the rescue, and her story of compassion and unlikely companionship was shared on social media. The canine caretaker got recognition worldwide, and the center received more than 30 calls all over Canada inquiring her and the kittens’ adoption status.

Credit: Facebook/Pet and Wildlife Rescue

Armstrong shared her overwhelmed reaction to Serenity’s kind gesture and the response they have gotten thus far. She added that if it wasn’t for her, the poor kittens would have perished in the cold weather as they were too weak to fend for themselves.Though it’s still an unsolved mystery how the dog and the kittens found each other, one thing pretty clear is that their bond has become unbreakable since they have gotten to the shelter. The nurturing dog continued to look out for the kittens everyday.

A few weeks passed and Serenity was later accepted into a loving family. The kittens, on the other hand, were being prepared for adoption several weeks apart as they needed to reach a healthy weight and be rid of fleas and infections before leaving to their new homes.

Time and time again, animals prove that they have better instincts and compassion compared to us humans.

Credit: Facebook/Pet and Wildlife Rescue