Man cleans an entire playground to provide a safe, hygiene environment for children


The Wuhan coronavirus, now officially named COVID-19, has caused a global panic with its unclear symptoms and yet-to-be-found cure. The number of cases involving infections and deaths are steadily rising, and spreading gradually across the countries.

Though officials assure that the situation is under control and all necessary preparations have been done, a certain percentage of public have reached extreme paranoia where they stockpile on groceries and emergency supplies. Supermarkets and pharmacies have been wiped out of basic necessities on a level never seen before.

As irrational as it may seem, some have also come forward to express their compassion and selflessness. Mr¬† Mustaqim, a Malaysian, took the liberty of thoroughly cleaning an entire children’s playground to ensure the kids who visit the place can play in a safe and hygienic environment.

With just a pail of water, some soap and a cloth, he scrubbed and washed every little nook and corners of the playground, including the handles and seats where parents sit and monitor their kids. The kind man was all on his own too, no teams or partners helping him out.

Credit: Facebook/Mustaqim Kumar Abdullah Sooria

He shared his experience on his Facebook account, with a tone of disappointment however. Together with the pictures of him cleaning the playground, he mentioned that the locals who passed and stopped not to help,but to laugh at him for doing so.

He continued by stating how the coronavirus has affected lives all over the world and his concern over children and the young ones who are prone to be infected with proper sanitary practices are not followed by. Mr Mustaqim made it clear that it was a voluntary act to help the locals.

He urges the local to not take the matter at hand lightly as the consequences can be extreme.

Credit: Facebook/Mustaqim Kumar Abdullah Sooria

Responding to his post, netizens expressed their respect and admiration for his generous deed. They unanimously provided their support and also took time to share about their own experience when they were mocked or laughed at by their friends and family for adhering to safety precautions.