Study shows that cats actually take owners as their own parents and here’s how you can tell


Just like dogs, cats are human’s best friends. Those who have cats might agree that these furry friends do have some kind of connection and special bond with their owners. 

From the way they interact with human, a  study published in Current Biology  shown that cats actually have social cognitive abilities. Just like babies, cats actually see their owners as their parents! Here are the explanations:

1. Cat is a social animal

Most cats have social needs. They can and want to interact with other cats or animals. Cats can also feel a sense of loss, so they feel the need to socialize and bond with humans. Some experts also claimed that cats sometimes take us human as another cat. We might obviously be bigger in size (and form!) but they do consider us as cats too and see us as one of their family members.

2.Cat always wanted to be close to you

Cats will always be somewhere near you. They want to be apart of whatever you do, all the time. Once they’ve created a bond with you, they will be stable. This behavior will continue until these cats grow up as they see you as their guardian.

3.Cat is stressed when you’re not around

According to some study, a cat will start to feel stressed out and insecure after being left alone for two minutes in a room without its owner. Hence, the cat will start to run or hide anywhere it sees fit. This stress level decreases once the owner is back.

4.You are cat’s safest place

Cats have the ability to differentiate between safety and danger. According to studies, the percentage of cats feel safe is higher when they are with their owners. Most cats also chose their owner as their first source of safety, just like children to their parents.

5.Cat cares about you

Yes, cat cares about you. It might not be obvious, but there are few ways you can tell if your cat actually cares about you. For example, you can tell from the way the cats blink their eyes when they see you and how they behave when you’re around. Another example is when they lick you, the cat is probably feeling calm and relax around you – just like how a child being comfortable around their parents.

Do you see any of these signs to your cat? If yes, then they probably already take you as their parent!