This heartbreaking video of a mother reunite with her deceased daughter via VR makes people cry


Losing your loved ones is never easy and this Korean mother, Jang Ji Sung knows it best. Jang’s seven-year-old daughter, Nayeon died of an incurable disease in 2016 and that’s the day she met her for the last time.

Three years later, Jang was able to ‘meet’ Nayeon again, with the help of technology. In the video, Jang was able to reunite with her daughter Nayeon in a virtual world created for a televised documentary.

Jang lost her precious daughter in 2016.

Credit: YouTube

In a special documentary clip shared by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) on their YouTube titled ‘I Met You’, Jang was seen standing in front of a massive green screen while wearing a VR headset and some kind of gloves.

Jang before ‘meeting’ her deceased daughter in the virtual world.

Credit: YouTube

As soon as Jang saw the virtual Nayeon, she began crying while trying to touch and hug her daughter. They then continue talking and playing together, even having a birthday party complete with a cute cake suited for the cute Nayeon.

Jang finally met Nayeon again. It’s so real that she can feel her daughter’s presence.

Credit: YouTube

They even had a small birthday party with just the two of them.

Credit: YouTube

As the rest of Jang’s family (Nayeon’s father, brother, and sister) watched the virtual reunion unfold, they were also crying and bawling their eyes out. Jang and her daughter’s virtual reunion ended with Nayeon sleeping on her bed and later turned into a white butterfly and flew away.

The production team reportedly spent eight months on the project and used motion capture technology to record the movement of a child actor that they used as a model for their virtual Nayeon.

Credit: YouTube

“Maybe it’s a real paradise. I met Nayeon, who called me with a smile, for a very short time, but it’s a very happy time. I think I’ve had the dream I’ve always wanted,” told Jang about the VR reunion she had with the virtual Nayeon.

Technology is such a blessing when we use it the right way.

Watch the full heartbreaking video here: