Elderly couple caught swooning over one another at a fast food restaurant, the sparkle in their eyes really speaks for their love


If you were to ask your grandparents the secret behind their lasting relationship, they would undoubtedly share that it’s the love they have for each other. It can be seen in the simple things they do for one another everyday. Such an evergreen love was caught on camera in the picture taken by a Facebook user almost a year ago.

It was just an intimate moment with a glimpse of true love between an elderly man and his partner who were having their meal at a fast food restaurant.  A Facebook user named Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo captured a picture of a Filipino couple spending their afternoon in each other’s company in a McDonald’s restaurant.

While dining, Alonzo’s eyes spotted the sight of this elderly couple sitting across him. What fixed his gaze on them was the romantic look they were exchanging, especially the old man with a loving and affectionate facial expression directed at his wife.

The old man was seen resting his chin on his hands clutched together and his eyes were glistening at the sight of his  lover while the most contented smile was carved on his face. It looked as though a young couple were having their first date, hopelessly swooned over each other.

Alonzo discreetly snapped a picture of this old couple and posted it on his Facebook page with the caption, “Even when we’re old, I want to see you with this look.”

This picture of the elderly couple has touched the hearts of netizens with over 137,000 shares on the internet. It was a genuine interaction of a loving moment that caused people to take the opportunity to express their love for each other.

In another news, a Chinese elderly couple were diagnosed with the Wuhan coronovirus and were hospitalized. Their last moments together were captured on video before they were separated for intensive treatment. In the video, it appears that the couple were holding hands, looking at each other in complete silence even when they were too weak to move.

Many were inspired and shared their desire on wanting to be a loving couple or a married couple with as much love and affection as the older couple have for each other. A moment like this cannot be choreographed, it has to be experienced to truly savor the beauty of a relationship.