WATCH: This clever cat uses sign language trying to ask for food from deaf owner


According to studies by experts, the level of intelligence of an adult cat can be compared to a 2-year-old child with 90% of their brain structure being similar to humans. Judging from how cats interact with us, there’s no doubt that this furry friend is indeed a clever animal – and this short video proves it all.

In this 37-seconds short video shared on Facebook, a cat was seen politely sitting on the chair beside a man while he was eating – waiting to get some food too. However, the man was believed to be deaf. Hence, the cat must have realized that meowing won’t work.

So instead of meowing, the cat started to learn how to communicate with the man to get some food. Surprisingly, the cat throws one of its legs on the air as if raising its hand to get the attention of the man.

Watch the full video here:

“Hey, look at me here!”

Credit: Facebook

The cat then put its leg near to its mouth, signaling the man to share some of his food with it.

“Feed me the food too, please.”

Credit: Facebook

After looking at the situation, the deaf man realized that the clever cat was asking for some food after it was trying to communicate using its own sign language with him. Not to let the smart cat waiting, he quickly shared a little of what he’s eating.

The cat finally gets its food!

Credit: Facebook

The cute situation didn’t stop there as the clever cat keep on asking for food by showing its smart gesture again. This time, the deaf man wanted to confirm if the cat really wanted more food by imitating it. Well, looking at the cat’s reaction, the answer is clearly yes!

The deaf man and the clever cat interacting with each other in their own sign language.

Credit: Facebook

This is the cutest interaction ever!