Fluffy bunny travels in business class with owner, wearing bow tie and being pampered with lavish treatment


Travelling on air in business class, getting all the luxury treatment is a dream comes through for many people. But, for this lucky bunny is taking things for granted because she has already experienced the VIP treatment of flying on business class. 

Coco is an 8-year-old rabbit who became the talk of the town (more like the whole wide world) when she flew on airplane alongside her owner like a regular passenger, except that she was in business class and was treated like a royalty.

Takako Ogawa, Coco’s owner was returning home to Kyoto after living three years in San Francisco, California. She had flown Coco in from Japan to California three years prior, but at that time, Coco was put in the cargo with other animals.

Now that Coco was an adult rabbit, Ms.Ogawa was concerned that she wouldn’t do well travelling in animal cargo, that too for an 11-hour long journey. So, she registered her beloved Coco as an emotional support animal and paid an extra $100 for her to be allowed in the plane.

Credit: Facebook/Takako Ogawa

Fortunately, the seat next to Ms.Ogawa was unoccupied, giving Coco plenty of space to move around throughout the journey. In the pictures posted on Facebook, the adorable gray rabbit was seen to be sniffing on a plate of croissant and a glass of bubbly champagne, while resting on a comfy pillow adorning the fanciest bow tie one has ever seen.

As if that wasn’t enough, the flight attendants took turns to come see Coco and brought little treats with them too.

Credit: Facebook/Takako Ogawa

“When I got my own ice cream sundae, the flight attendant looked over and asked if the rabbit wanted anything. I wasn’t sure what the rabbit could have, but she got some of the toppings like almonds and nuts and they put it on a very small plate for her,” Ms.Ogawa shared with Metro UK.

Coco even hopped around the plane a little, doing some exploring of her own. Though  its owner was worried that it might be a nuisance for other passengers, luckily there weren’t as many of them in the business class.

Credit: Facebook/Takako Ogawa

Ms.Ogawa even brought in extra pet sheets, in case she needs to relieve herself mid-journey as well as some pellets for Coco to nibble on.

According to Daily Mail, the reason Ms.Ogawa didn’t place Coco in the animal cargo is due to an experience her friend had.

Credit: Facebook/Takako Ogawa

“What happens in the cargo is that there are a lot of anxious animals on the plane with her. Dogs will be barking all the time. My friend had a cat that was put in the cargo that got so nervous during the flight that she couldn’t eat for another week after landing,” she mentioned.

Ms.Ogawa was glad that Coco remained calm despite being in a different environment, which is a natural trait of hers. The lucky rabbit was enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime experience, indulging in all the attention and bougie treatments.