Men created special bond with lioness they saved, it’s running to hug them every single time they met


A lion is not usually an animal that we can casually touch and pet anytime we want. But these two men have successfully created a bond between human and lion so strong, that the lion actually hugged them when they met!

Valentin Gruener from Germany and Mikkel Legarth from Denmark met on a wildlife farm in 2009 and have long dreamed of creating a stronger bond between people and wilderness.

A few years ago, they rescued a lioness called Sirga when its mother’s milk had dried up.

Credit: StylishEve

Sirga was pushed out of the pride at a very young age and luckily found by William De Graaff, owner of the Grassland Safari Lodge. De Graff later told Gruener that this is the time when his help was needed.

Gruener never hesitated the help and try to save the then cub.

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When Sirga was dehydrated and near death, Gruener put the cub on a drip with the help of a vet’s phone advice. As Sirga finally regained energy, Gruener slept with her for many nights before he convinced that she would survive.

During this time, Gruener and Legarth made their own blend of milk for Sirga.

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“We made her milk from scratch – fresh eggs, cream, milk, vitamins, sunflower oil and calcium – luxurious meal for a little lion.”

Now growing up to be a healthy lioness of almost 250 pounds, Sirga’s bond with its savior is full of love that it actually hugged the man every time he opened its cage.

Look at how eager Sirga was to hug its savior!

Sirga loves to hug her true friends and saviors 

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They enjoyed cuddling together anytime and anywhere.

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They also didn’t miss out on playing predator together!

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These men have really created a bond so special with the animal!