Dog dug hole under fence and escaped new house just to walk almost 200 miles to find its savior


A little kindness really goes a long way. When a woman saved a dog that was left for dead after being hit by a car, she never expected the dog will escape its new house and walk nearly 200 miles just to get back with her.

Shavi the Russian dog was surviving the harsh Russian winter when it was hit-and-run by a car and left with two badly broken legs and various injuries. As Shavi nearly froze to death, two kind people found her, brought her to a veterinarian and made a plea to the public to find the dog a home .

A kindhearted 26-year-old named, Nina Baranovskaya responded. Baranovskaya brought Shavi back to her home and patiently nursed her.

“After the anesthesia, when she saw me, she raised her weary eyes and timidly licked my hand,” explained the mother of one on the moment she met Shavi. 

Credit: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Baranovskaya diapered the dog and spent the next six months helping her recover. She even taught Shavi how to walk again and trained it to understand basic commands.

When Shavi finally ready to get acquainted with the world again, Baranovskaya had the intention of keeping the dog but she had family commitments.

Her apartment was also too small for another dog as the house is now occupied with three cats and two rescue dogs.  

Credit: Komsomolskaya Pravda

Hence, Baranovskaya left with no other choice rather than letting her friends who lived 180 miles away to take Shavi in. But one day, Shavi suddenly went missing. It dug a hole under the fence of its new house. Shavi’s new owner panicked upon the incident and called Baranovskaya to quickly inform her.

Two weeks later, Baranovskaya was walking down the road when a dog suddenly brushed up against her leg. She burst into tears when she saw that it was Shavi!

Credit: ET Today

Baranovskaya can’t believe her eyes that the dog she saved actually walked and traveled such a long distance just to find her again.

Credit: Facebook

As she leaned down, Shavi jumped right into her arms.

Credit: Facebook

Even more fascinating, Shavi actually found her after Baranovskaya’s family moved to a bigger apartment, five bus stations away.

As Shavi was on the street for a few weeks, it turns thin and haggard-looking. Once again, Baranovskaya nurtured the dog until it was healthy.

This time, Shavi is not going anywhere – it will stay with her, forever.

Credit: Facebook

As Baranovskaya’s story was published by the local papers, a lot of people offered help to the kind woman by donating money but she refused. Instead, she begged everyone to help in a different form – never ignore animals that need our help.

She’s indeed an angel in disguise sent from heaven!