Impressive 35-year-old man is not only a Navy Seal and Harvard medical doctor, but also an astronaut in training now!


Being an astronaut is a dream for many people, but only the smartest people with excellent physical health and  EQ can qualify for the job!

35-year-old Jonny Kim with his impressive resume is currently well under way to become the first Korean American NASA astronaut.

Born in Los Angeles, Jonny Kim signed up for the Navy SEAL training after graduating from high school.  Navy SEAL training is famously known for being the toughest training regiments in the US armed forces!

Kim decided to sign up for the Navy SEAL when he was still a teenager.

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According to Tales of Awesomeness, Kim served as a combat medic, sniper, navigator, and point man for SEAL Team 3, Iraq, and was deployed in 2006 and 2008 on over 100 combat missions.

When he was deployed to the field while serving as the Navy SEAL, there’s not much Kim can do in the medical section as he’s not professionally trained in that area. Feeling helpless after watching his own team members got injured, Kim inspired to take on medicine as his next career path.

He applied for medical school through a program affiliated with the Navy SEALS and later got accepted to Harvard Medical School.

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“Seeing firsthand how the surgeon was there to save lives and limbs, and even to save the function of some people’s limbs — just looking at that inspired me,” said Kim.

In 2016, Kim graduated and began his Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Kim impressively graduated from Harvard Medical School and became a doctor.

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As if all of that is not overwhelming enough, Kim continues to challenge himself by applying to join the NASA astronaut candidate program and NASA only does this program once every four years.

Remarkably, Kim will be undergoing training before being sent to space as he succeeded in becoming one of the only twelve selected.

He’s now an astronaut in training!

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And will reportedly explore the moon by 2024.

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Kim really outdid himself in whatever he decided to do. Your only limit is you, Kim!