Woman lost her precious ring in fatty crab restaurant and the helpful staffs helped her to find it


Impressions play a great deal in peoples’ lives. A warm smile from a stranger can instantly cheer up your day. 

Similarly, the services provided at restaurants will keep us returning again and again. Sometimes, even the food is nothing to rave about, the way the staffs made us feel will make gain our loyalty. Daryl William Bridger shared an untimely incident him and his wife encountered, when they were eating at a famous seafood restaurant in Malaysia.

The restaurant is well-known for their crab dishes, which is best eaten with hands to get a wholesome dining experience. Before getting down and dirty with her food, Daryl’s wife took off the ring she was wearing and put it on the table to avoid making a mess.

Credit: Facebook/Daryl William Bridger

They had a good time and left the place content, only to realize 30 minutes later that she forgot to take the ring from the table. They quickly rushed back to the restaurant, but alas, the ring was not to be found where she had left them.

Now, the ring had a sentimental value as it was a gift from her mother. 

Credit: Facebook/Daryl William Bridger

Concerned, Daryl called the person in charge and requested that a search be conducted to locate the missing ring. Almost immediately, half the staffs of the restaurant began looking around the establishment and reaching for the disposal bins.

They started emptying the contents, flashing torch lights and diligently scouring through the cracked crab shells.

Credit: Facebook/Daryl William Bridger

Luckily, the ring was found just minutes after, which Daryl came to notice when the employees collectively let out a loud cheer and applauded their victory as if it was their own ring they had retrieved. Mesmerized by their sincerity, Daryl offered them a hefty reward, which the crew humbly refused.

This only elevated Daryl’s impression on them and the restaurant overall. Since that eventful day, Daryl has a special spot for the restaurant in his heart, adding that he will forever be indebted to them for being so accommodating.

Now this is how you win hearts without performing fancy tricks or elaborate gestures. You simply have to be kind.