Siblings earn pocket money for school by repairing shoes on the sidewalk


Manuelita and Micko Borbon are two siblings from Philippines who have turned heads all over the Internet for a good reason. 

While most children are preparing themselves to get ready for school, Manuelita and Micko wake up early everyday and head over to the streets to mend shoes. The money they earn from repairing shoes is used as pocket money. When they have some extra cash, they save it for school projects and transportation.

The 13 and 12-year-old are currently studying at Palawan National High School in the city of Puerto Princesa.

Clad in their school uniforms, the siblings fix as many shoes as they can before they have to leave for school. If you’re wondering where did they get their shoe repairing skills from, their parents’ main profession is stitching shoes. They learned it from watching their parents since they were little.

Credit: Jernnanie Jethro Juaton

Manuelita and Micko are the first two of four children for Emmanuel and Mary Anne. Living in a makeshift house which also functions as their shoe-repair shop, they realized that life is not as easy for them or their children. They have to work extra hard to make sufficient income to provide for six family members. During the times when there are no customers, Mary Anne makes some money doing laundry around the area just so she has enough to ensure her children get proper education.

Despite their circumstances, the siblings are not ashamed of what they do. They are thankful that they are provided an opportunity to fund their education on their own. Their mother prides in them for being so determined in finding their means to go school.

Credit: Jernnanie Jethro Juaton 

She mentions that they hardly ask her or her husband for pocket money. Even when they need cash for projects and school-related activities, they would gather the money themselves by working for it. Manuelita and Micko repairs shoes in Ruel Gines’ shop, a family friend who lives near their school.

Moved by the children’s effort, Palawan National High School’s principal has proposed his intention to honor them for their hard work, which he hopes will be an inspiration for other students in the school. The siblings aspire to become soldiers when they grow up.

We’re rooting for you, Manuelita and Micko!