Dog trekked 200 miles across Russia to return to the woman who saved her life


Shavi was on the verge of dying, after a driver run over her and left her unattended on the curb of a road. The Russian dog was severely injured and her hind legs were broken. Counting her days, freezing in the harsh winter, luck got to her when two kind passerby noticed her and brought her to the vet.

While Shavi was undergoing operation to mend the broken legs, her rescuers submitted an appeal online requesting for someone to look after her through recovery. 26-year-old Nina Baranovskaya came forward to help Shavi get better.

Nina brought Shavi back to her apartment in Rostov-on-Don where she lived with her young daughter, three cats and two dogs. She taught the dog basic commands, nursed her back to good health and even trained her to walk again.

Credit: NTV

Shavi was traumatized after the crash, causing her to tremble at the sound and sight of cars on the street. Nina had to spend more time with her, caring and comforting her, assuring her with love and attention.

Shavi grew attached to Nina, and then came the moment they had to be separated.

Nina’s apartment was quite small, and she was already having several other animals living there. Juggling between her family and full-time job, she realized that keeping Shavi in the long term was not possible. Fortunately, she found a new loving family for Shavi in the countryside.

Nina was happy for the dog as her new home was spacious and surrounded by nature, which she believed was the perfect environment for her. However, a few days later, Nina was alarmed by a call from Shavi’s owners saying she was missing.

Two weeks passed, and Shavi still couldn’t be located. That was when Nina felt something brush her legs as she was walking down the road. She looked down, and to her surprise, it was Shavi!

She had walked 200 miles across regions to return to the person who cared for her at her worst.

Credit: NTV

Touched by the dog’s unexpected gesture, Nina burst into tears and realized that they belonged together. She decided to keep Shavi and look for a bigger place to ensure she is comfortable.

A local news shared that it must have taken Shavi at least one week for that journey, and it was a miracle how she found her way back to Nina despite being unfamiliar with the routes. Shavi’s undying love for Nina made it possible and now that they’re reunited, she letting her go ever again.