Being Alone Is Much Better Than Settling For The Wrong Person in Your Relationship


Have you ever spent time with someone and wished you were all by yourself instead? Do you regret investing your time and energy into someone who you can’t seem to trust or be honest with no matter how hard you try? Feel like you’re losing yourself trying to keep another person pleased? When you’re reading this, does a particular someone come to your mind right away?

If the answers to all the questions above is a big YES, you are probably better off being alone. There’s a distorted impression out there that equates being alone to being unsociable and undesirable to the eyes of the public. Of course, being with someone has its own pros.

You feel seen and loved. The attention, the feelings and the moments feel all too real and too good to pass up over minor inconveniences. However, if you’ve reached a point where you’re neglecting your priorities and responsibilities for the sake of this person, you have to ask yourself if its worth it.

Rather than feeling drained out being in a relationship, you’d thank yourself for choosing you. For putting yourself first. For finally paying attention to your likes and dislikes. Being alone isn’t as bad as people make it seem. It depends on an individual’s perception towards how they spend their ‘me’ time.

Here are some of the amazing realizations you will come to once you start enjoying your own company.

You will begin healing and growing. You’ve sacrificed too much for another human that you’ve lost your identity. It has severely damaged you and the only way you can come out of it is to do some inner work. Meditate. Journal. Start a hobby. Dress up. Start loving yourself enough that you slowly progress to becoming yourself again.

You will enjoy being productive. Now that you have ample of time reflecting on yourself, you will identify your joys and strengths. You will want to do those little things that excite you more often that it will eventually turn into healthy habits.

You will have a taste of independence and freedom. Constantly feeling tied down by a relationship can be exhausting. The more you indulge in your ‘alone’ moments, the more unbounded you will feel. You will feel more confident and assured when doing even the most routine tasks.

You will appreciate relationships better. The moment you acknowledge how wholesome you are as an individual of your own, you will develop a better understanding of the relationships around you. You will be present just enough, not overdoing your part in the relationship because you know that relationship is a two-way street.

You will attract like-minded individuals. Being alone gives you a sense of clarity in life. Your wants and needs are set out properly, which will reflect in the way you carry yourself. The way you talk and behave. The way you think. The vibe you give away through your actions will have you surrounded with quality people.

If none of these things are currently present in your life, then you have your answers already. You know what you need to do to bring back the spark into your life. One word of advice; trust and enjoy the process.