Black dog hired as a gas station employee to greet customers—He’s doing a good job!


Second chances don’t always come rolling around. More often that not, one has to resort to going through the struggles in life all on their own for a long time before they strike up on luck for a miracle to happen.

For animals, however, it’s more difficult as they are incapable of seeking for help even if they want to.

Negão’s past bore a similar story. Though not entirely disclosed, the dog had troubled past that eventually led him to be abandoned. He ended up roaming around a gas station in the small town of Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil.

He would wander in the gas station every day…

People tried to make him leave, but he was too frightened and stuck at the place for some time, until Sabrina Plannerer found him. She and her partner owned the gas station, and they just couldn’t resist the sight of the adorable dog making his rounds around their place.

Lucky for Negão, the couple decided to adopt him. They took him to the vet to get him checked and vaccinated.

They also provided him with food, a house to stay and a leash for him to go on walks with them. They loved him to bits and Negão too, was clearly indulging in the love and attention.

Since he was first found at the gas station, Sabrina decided to make him a full-time employee. He was given a cap and a employee’s badge that had his photo and his name.

He was assigned as the greeter. All he has to do is to welcome the customers with his charming smile.

It seemed to come natural for Negão. He would wait till the customers’ vehicle drives in, goes up to them excited, wagging his tail and exchanging pleasantries.

The dog had become a familiar face at the gas stations that he has regulars who would sometimes bring him toys for his excellent service.

His charm worked its way all over Brazil, gaining the attention of Grupo FERA, a local charity that focuses on animal rights. He’s now one of the faces of the organization, advocating smiles and unconditional love for all animals. A spokesperson for Grupo FERA expressed their delight for the deserving treatment Negão has been receiving thus far.

If you were to stop by the gas station, make sure to get Negão some treats for doing a great job.