Cat who had just given birth to a litter of kitten adopts a baby rabbit into its family


The nature, despite being nurturing, can be harsh at times. Though most animals are largely born and bred in the wilderness of nature, the chances of newborns surviving in the wild without the help of its mother is unimaginable. Fortunately, these little animals quite  frequently get a second chance at life when they’re adopted by a loving family.

In this story, an orphaned little rabbit who was only one week old was lucky enough to be welcomed into the warm embrace of kind, caring people.  The adorable rabbit was adopted by a family in Rotherham, England,and it didn’t take him even a minute to get everyone’s love and attention on him.

He was so small and chirpy so they decided to call him Bubbles.

Credit: YouTube/Diagonal View

Bubbles had brown fur with a ring of white hair around his neck that made him look like he was wearing a scarf. His beady eyes and pointed ears just added to his utter cuteness.

Of course, little Bubbles won not only people’s hearts but also another furry four-legged resident of the house. She will soon have a new mother, one very different from her species but with all the protective and nurturing instincts that any mother has.

Apparently, the family owned a ginger cat named Snaggle Puss. The fist day Bubbles was brought to the house, the cat did something unexpected that surprised everyone. She had seen Bubbles resting alone on the couch, moving around and about on his own.

This is when she slowly approached him, grabbed him in her mouth and carried him to the small box where she slept.

Credit: YouTube/Diagonal View

In the box, were a litter of adorable kittens waiting for their mother to come feed them. When Snaggle Puss dropped Bubbles into the box with the other kittens, another surprising event ensued. Even the kittens moved themselves to give the little rabbit enough space to get comfortable.

The mother and kittens treated him like he was just another member of their family, welcoming him gently.

Credit: YouTube/Diagonal View

Though it is a well known fact that these species have striking differences that make them incompatible with most of their characters, but once again they proved that there are no restrictions when it comes to love and family.

Little Bubbles is curious to learn about cat skills, watching his brothers and sisters go about twisting and turning their bodies and chasing feathers.

Credit: YouTube/Diagonal View

Perhaps, he will grow up to behave like a cat in the future, purring and licking his paws and doing other cat tricks. For now, he is enjoying his new family who treat like their own and are giving him endless love and warmth.

Snaggle Puss and Bubbles may not be actual family, but they fostered an unconditional bond that will now make them family for a long time to come.