Puppy and black cat was rescued together in the park and they are best friends forever in their new home


Dogs and cats are two of the most favored pets in the whole wide world. Despite being loved just as equally, both animals have quite the opposite personalities. Dogs are obedient and friendly, while cats have a mind of their own and are temperamental most of the times. The striking differences between the adorable animals make them unlikable when they’re in each other’s presence.

However, this is not the case for all cats and dogs. Sometimes, a certain living condition might cause them to be together and work as a team to survive. This is exactly what happened recently, when a small dog and a kitten were found curled up in the corner of a toilet in a park.

A park visitor was passing by the public toilet when he caught the sight of what appeared to be small furry animals.

Upon closer inspection, he discovered that it was a puppy and a cat, sitting tightly in the embrace of each other, with a terrified look of their faces.  He decided to take pictures and share them on social networks to see if anyone would respond to cases of missing animals.

The two furry animals were protecting themselves from the cold weather and it was clear that they needed help. However, the man realized that saving them is not easy. The puppy refused to be separated from its companion, the black cat.

The puppy started growling when the man tried approaching, and so did the cat, hissing when an attempt was made to carry the puppy.  Concerned, the man eventually called the local animal shelter and reported the case. Within hours, they were rescued and brought to the shelter for further treatment and care.

Unsure if they are strays or owned by someone, the shelter employee posted a photo of the cat and the puppy on the missing animals Facebook page, Roads Lost & Found Pets. However,nobody came forward to claim them hence they both remained there for a while, getting their daily supply of food, love and attention.

Their condition shocked Turkan Ertugrul, director of Saver of Souls Pet Rescue. He was worried if they were separated at the shelter. He also feared that they could not be adopted together by one family, leading to cause separation anxiety or even having difficulties adapting to their new families.

“In most shelters, it is forbidden to mix dogs with cats for safety reasons and we know they will be separated. Their difficult situation kept me awake all night, worried about how they were without each other,” Turkan expressed his worry.

Fortunately, he decided to take responsibility for the adorable animals, knowing well they could not be away from one another in any circumstance. The puppy was named Gomez and the little cat, Morticia. They are currently in a foster home for a while, while Turkan is relentlessly looking for a family where the inseparable friends can be together forever.

Gomez and Morticia are the perfect example that you don’t have to have similar traits to be friends. As long as you can provide comfort and love, then the differences between you and another person shouldn’t even matter, especially if you’re a cat and a dog.