Grandpa worried his dog may catch a cold in the rain so he quickly made a special raincoat for it


We all have our own ways of caring for our pets. While most of the times, any pet-related emergency can be taken care of as it most likely occurs at home, there are circumstances where you’re nowhere in reach of proper solution for your pet problems such as a rainy day outside. 

One grandpa found himself in a rather drippy situation as he was stuck in the rain with his beloved dog.

They were going on their daily stroll on a bicycle when suddenly, it started pouring. The elderly man had an umbrella to cover himself but unfortunately, his dog was on the verge of getting drenched.

With no raincoat or extra umbrella available, he came up with a quick thought. He stopped by under a shop-house to take shelter but the rain did not seem to be stopping anytime soon. And he needed to get back home in time. That’s when he spotted an empty plastic bag nearby.

He grabbed it, and wrapped it around his dog, making a knot at both the handle ends to make a raincoat. Then, he punctured a hole for the muzzle so that the dog would be able to breathe.

Some locals who were passing by found it amusing and took some pictures and put it online.

It was just so heartwarming to watch the grandpa being so affectionate towards his pet. The dog was seen sneezing and sniffing as he was about to catch a cold.

The grandpa then proceeded to put him at the back seat of his bicycle, where the dog sat obediently as the grandpa rode away in the drizzle.

The image has caught wide attention online and people absolutely love how adorable the dog looks in the makeshift raincoat. When you love selflessly, be it humans or animals, you will certainly go out of your way to provide the best for them.