7 y/o son brings back home extra pocket money, mum discovers he’s been selling grasshoppers in school


Sending your children off on their first day of school is always a bittersweet moment. As much as you would want them to come out of the cocoon that is your house and spread their wings on new horizons, learning valuable things, making new connections, deep inside you still want them to be the baby they were a few years back.

You then pick them up from school, eager to listen to how their day went and the brand-new experiences they had. One such mother, Puan Hasmi, was caught by surprise when her 7-year-old son was acting suspicious whenever he comes back home from school.

One day, after he was back from school as always, Puan Hasmi noticed that the pocket money she gave his son had doubled. Concerned of the source of the additional cash, she approached him and asked him about the extra money.

However, the son initially dodged her question by asking her where his piggy bank was.When she asked him why is he frantically looking for his piggy bank, he casually answered that it was to put his pocket money into. Curios, she proceeded to ask him how did he get that much money when she had only given him half the amount he has now before he left for school?

“Did you take your friend’s money? Be honest,” demanded Puan Hasmi to her seemingly unbothered son.

His next answer completely floored her.

“No, i didn’t take money from my friends. I was just making money selling grasshopper,” he answered with no trace of guilt on his face.

Credit: Unsplash (Image for illustration purpose only)

The furious mother got heated up upon hearing her son’s answer and gave him a smack on his back.

She then took it to Facebook to share the unusual incident with the public.

”I had sent him to school to study, not for him to sell grasshoppers. He got a whopping from me for no absolute reason,” her caption read.

Though it’s unknown how the son had gotten into the whole grasshopper trade business, but it had impressed the netizens who came across the post. Puan Hasmi’s concern was completely valid, but on the hind sight, her son has a brilliant mind to even think of making side income at such a young age.

Noticing that he didn’t even spend the initial money his mom had gave him, it’s quite commendable for the boy to have done what he did. In an age where most kids his age would only think of getting their hands dirty on the ground or stocking up on their favorite candies, Puan Hasmi’s son stands out for all the right reasons.

If he continues putting his mindset to practice, the boy will undoubtedly become a young successful entrepreneur in the future. After all, things like this can’t be taught, it comes naturally for children.