Innovative ways people in Thailand deal with plastic bag ban are both genius and hilarious


Most of us know that plastic has never been a healthy option for our Earth. Realizing that, Thailand is starting the new 2020 year with a plastic bag ban – coming into effect at all major stores in the country.

When some might think that this is going to be quite a hassle, people of Thailand surely ready to take on the ban with some creativity. Here are some of their innovative ways to deal with the plastic bag ban:

1. This cloth is a good idea, but can’t really fit much inside.

2. If the one before is too small, why not try to bring a big sack just like this woman.

3. No sack? No problem. Here’s another great choice –  a pail!

4. The pail is quite sturdy and even has a handle for your convenience too!

5. It can fit basically fit anything you need.

6. This tourist must’ve heard about the trend and he doesn’t want to miss out using a pail too!

7. You can also bring in any kitchen appliances that fit, just like this one right here.

8. Or just literally anything that has a hole somewhere on it, really.

9. Some people just bring anything they have – like this guy who brings some kind of tool to most probably catch fish and put all his groceries inside. Looks fine to me.

10. This one has different compartments for biscuits, chips, and beverages. This guy definitely got all things sorted out. Brilliant!

11. When you need to buy ice, but you can’t use plastic bags – a rope will do!

12. If you’re thinking of an easier option to bring home all of your groceries, bring your luggage like this guy.

13. Or maybe a bigger luggage bag if you need a bigger space. Definitely worth it! 

14. This guy brings it to a different level when he pushes a wheelbarrow into the shop just to get all the things he needs. The most sturdy of them all!

15. What if you forgot to bring any of the above? As long as you have your shirt, all is well.

They sure are creative! What will you use if the plastic bag ban takes place in your country?