Man spends one week to painstakingly build a 2342-piece Lego figure only for his cat to destroy it within seconds


Imagine spending most of your day’s hours everyday for a week straight working on an important project. The restless nights. The exhaustion. The numb limbs. But when it all comes together in the end, all the trouble seem to be worth it.

Then, in the split of a second, you watch your hardwork come crumbling down because of sheer envy. How would you feel? Feel the heat of rage building up inside you? Wait till you find out what exactly happened.

Here’s the heartbreaking story of a Thai man who spent an entire week building a massive Lego piece for his client. He worked at a toy shop and had recently received an order for a Doraemon figure to be made out of Lego, 2432 pieces to be exact.

He had to finish the project at home because the customer wanted it before New Year. He had completed it just in time and had placed it on a shelf in his house before he could pass it to the customer. He had went out for the day and when he returned home, he saw the horrific crime and the perpetrator together at his house.

His Doraemon figure was lying on the ground, shattered into pieces just like his heart, and next to it lie his cat with the most unbothered look on its face. He put the pieces of the puzzles together and found out that it was indeed his furry companion who had done the dirty deed.

What got on his nerves was that there was no sign of remorse or guilt on the cat’s face. It was as if the cat was waiting for the right moment to make the move. Frustrated, the man took it to his Facebook to share his unfortunate luck with the netizens.

Instead of sympathizing, people could not help but laugh at the mischief of the adorable cat. Even the man himself agreed that he could not get mad at his cat because he was just way too cute. One particular photo shows the man picking up the naughty cat in his arm only for it to squint its glassy eyes at him and give him the naive face.

Comments included people sharing their own experience with their not-so-innocent cats and some even mockingly suggested that it should be just re-fixed, it’s not that big of a deal. Well, considering the intricacy of the pieces and the time taken to put it together, it’s quite obvious that it’s not that easy to just fix it.

It was all good because the man had managed to make the best out of the situation and look at it from a humor’s point of view. As for the cat, he is probably enjoying all the attention.