Daughter recreates her father’s graduation photo at her very own high school graduation and the internet is completely smitten


The bond between a father and daughter is simply beautiful. 

One such father and daughter duo have made the rounds on social media platforms for an adorable reason. Tori Roach had just graduated from high school and her family was looking for baby pictures of her to display at the graduation ceremony. That’s when they found her father’s graduation picture from 18 years ago.

When her father, Dennis Roach was 18, he had graduated from Hunstville High School in Texas. His graduation photo from back then spots a very young Dennis, clad in green robe and matching mortar board with baby Tori embraced in his arms as he kisses her.

18 years later, when Tori turned 18, she wanted the exact picture taken again. Tori was dressed in the same green gown and cap as she too graduated from the same high school as he dad. The picture shows her father carrying her in his arms and giving her a peck, only difference being the exchange of outfits and Tori’s height obviously.

She posted it on her Twitter with the caption, “18 years later”. Much to her surprise, the post garnered 65ooo retweets and over 171000 likes.

“I’m from a small town and nothing like that ever happens over here. I didn’t expect it to blow up like that! Once it started happening, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I called my family and I was like, ‘Everyone’s sharing the pictures!’ ” she shared with PEOPLE.

Netizens were smitten with how sweet and adorable the pictures were. Some even mentioned how good-looking her dad looked and tried shooting their shot. Tori took it with a light heart and sent a funny reply.

“For everyone asking, yes this is my dad, he’s 37, and no he isn’t single, I have another sibling on the way,” Tori wrote.

Her father had been equally gassed about all the attention.

“My dad was really proud. We’re from a small town, so nothing like this really ever happens. And he was like, ‘That’s so cool!’ ,” she said.

“It brought me and my dad closer in a way because we could share that moment, and I feel that not many other people get to experience that,” she added.

Tori lives with her father and her stepmom, Jamie Roach and her baby stepbrother Silas in Huntsville, Texas. She is currently studying at Sam Houston State University and has already decided to recreate the moment again for her graduation in a few years to come.