8yo boy generously hands over his lottery win to an elderly man so that he can buy some food


As children grow, they are imbued with good virtues that eventually shapes their character and personality traits. Though it is entirely the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids what’s good and what’s not, sometimes children can surprise us by teaching us a few valuable lessons instead.

Adalid Espinosa, 8 year old, and his mother, Karen were having their meal at a local taqueria when an elderly man caught his attention. The man had a basket full of lollipops and started going from table to table trying to sell his goods. Much to his despair, his lollipops didn’t not provide any business for him.

The old man proceeded to rest at a vacant table when Adalid stood up from his, and walked straight to the old man. Without hesitating, the eight year old boy emptied his pocket and handed over the 70 pesos he had won earlier from the lottery.

The hawker gladly took the money and went on to buy some food for himself. However, the day did  not end there. Adalid was watching the man and noticed that he had only managed to get one taco. So he turned to his mother and asked her if they could buy him more. Karen, who was already brimming with joy at her son’s behavior, agreed.

She gave him some money and the young lad assisted the old man to buy him two more tacos.

“He approached him and asked him how he wanted the tacos, and he ordered them with the waiter and was very concerned the tacos be brought quickly,” Karen was reported writing on her social media account.

As the man started chowing down on the tacos, he got emotional and tears started streaming down his wrinkled face. Perhaps he was moved by Adalid’s kind gesture after having a long day. The scene was so touching that Adalid too started crying a little.

“I cried because I saw him cry, I saw him wiping away his tears. When he finished [eating] he thanked me and gave me a hug,” he told Mexico News Daily.

Karen shared the beautiful story on Facebook, and it has gained much attention from netizens. Her post was shared 118ooo times with over 244000 likes.

She expressed her contentment for having raised her kid well and being able to witness the fruit of her effort in front of her. Apparently, Adalid had other plans on how and where to spend his lottery win. Still, he just gave it all away without thinking twice when he understood the plight of the old vendor.

Locals commended the young boy kind deed and prayed for his well-being and good heart. Adalid mentions that he wants to grow up to become a doctor to help the less fortunate. He also hopes to meet the old man again to check up on him.

Adalid may be young, but his action shows his maturity and compassion for others.

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