Cat falling asleep while trying to accompany its owner to work late is the most adorable thing you see today


When working late, there’s nothing we need more than a company to keep us awake. This one cat clearly understands this but the only problem is – it can’t keep itself awake.

Deputy President of International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Katie Moore said that animal and human have long been friends and loyal companies to each other.

“According to history, animals were bred for certain purposes, including keeping human a company.”

Some of the animals that tend to communicate and form close relationships with humans are:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Chicken
  • Pig
  • Horse
  • Rabbit
  • Rat
  • Parrot
  • Llama

Thanks to these animals, human can experience more joy and even reduce their stress level when they’re together with their pets – just like this cat owner from Japan.

A Twitter user @yusai00 shared a short video of him working late at night on his account, accompanied by his cute cat.

In the short video, the cat was seen falling asleep with its head on the laptop while trying to be a good pet and kept his owner a company. The adorable video quickly melt hearts of many and gained millions of views.

“I was working late at night and this is what my cat was doing,” tweeted the cat owner.

Credit: Twitter

Looking at the video, other cat owners bring to Twitter and share how their cats trying to keep them company even when they’re sleepy to death!

Just like this cat who wants to keep its owner a company, but also wants to sleep and cuddle at the same time. 


How adorable! Did the same thing happen when your pet trying to keep you company?