Homeless man helps change a woman’s flat tire, kind gesture goes viral


Homelessness and the stigma surrounding it has only gotten worse by the day. The moment someone spots a disorganized, shabbily-dressed person sitting or wandering by the pavement talking to themselves, the immediate reaction is to move away or take a different route as far away as possible to avoid coming in contact with them.

So, when a homeless man offered to help a woman change her car’s flat tire, it took everyone by surprise. Anna and Roy Davidson are husband and wife who own Jessie Jean’s Homestyle Cafe & Coffee shop in Utah.

Their life pretty much revolves around their work so they just live right above their shop. It was just a regular day for them until they witnessed an unlikely scene happening just out in the streets across the coffee house.

Roy turns to Anna and said, “Hey, look at Chuck out there changing that girl’s tire.”  Anna’s instincts just told her to capture an image of the situation. She then posted it on her cafe’s Facebook page.

Credit: Jessie Jean’s Homestyle Cafe & Coffee Facebook

Chuck is a vagrant who has been working in the Davidson’s cafe for some time. He’s a convicted felon who spent years behind bars due to violence, but has decided to make a positive change in his life.

Credit: Jessie Jean’s Homestyle Cafe & Coffee Facebook

“Looked out the window to see this happening. This is Chuck .. he’s homeless and works his ass off helping every day in the cafe. This is “one of those people” that get labeled. Ya know the ones everyone wants outta sight, outta mind..,” Daily Mail writes of Anna’s statement.

In return for his help around the shop, Anna and Ron provide him meals and tend to his needs. When asked about the incident, Anna mentioned to Fox10 that nobody else cared to stop to help the woman.

“I’m like, why does that not surprise me. He’s a good guy. I didn’t see anyone else out helping this young lady, just Chuck… the homeless guy… thank you Chuck,” she expressed.

Credit: Jessie Jean’s Homestyle Cafe & Coffee Facebook

Anna aims to spread awareness regarding issues that surround people like Chuck. She understands their unfortunate plight because her husband, Ron was living out in the streets for two and a half years.

“And here he is a business owner and a husband and a person I look up to, so I treat every person who walks through the door with the same respect…” Anna beams.

As for 56 year-old Chuck, he is utterly grateful for the couple giving him a second chance at life. “I wouldn’t be right here, right now, if wasn’t for them two. I am as old as they are, and I would be proud to call them ma and pa,” says the kind man.

Chuck’s caught-on-camera kindness has opened the heart of many.

Credit: Fox 13

“The people who have the least, are typically the ones who give the most. I’d like to meet Chuck,” reads a heartwarming comment.

Another person said, ” The best dude in the world. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Take a minute and actually find out who you are judging. God come in many shapes and forms.”

As long as there are a few Chucks out there practicing good deeds, we can be assured to have faith in humanity.